TOP 5 Ways to Sail This Fall in NYC

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2)  FALL YOUTH SAILING. After School in September  BOOK NOW
3)  PRACTICE SAILS. Keep sailing the J24s on Sundays in Sept.  BOOK NOW
4)  PRIVATE CHARTERS. Cooling Temps & Clear Skies. Sept Savings! BOOK NOW
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Grand Banks Opening Friday

Grand Banks Tribeca opening

Weekend on a boat, with oysters!

The wildly popular Oyster Bar on a historic sailing ship is opening this Friday, May 15th. If there's ever a place to relax with incredible sunsets as well as city views, it's Grand Banks while their docked for the summer at Pier 25 in Tribeca. Check out the Grand Banks website for more info.

How are we involved? Atlantic Yachting Owner, Logan Rowell, is proud to serve on the board of Maritime Foundation, owners of the Sherman Zwicker and home to Grand Banks. Maritime Foundation is a NYC based non-profit dedicated to the preservation of historic vessels and other maritime history. 

Maritime Foundation's newest preservation project is an 1850's era Oyster Barge that was in imminent danger of destruction. Check out the great New York Times piece on the Oyster Barge

So if you can't join us for a Sailboat Charter or a Sailing Lesson, at least go grab a drink on a sailboat. And don't forget, if you want to arrive at Grand Bank in style, we can do that for you. 

See you out there.

Blog Moving Here

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Stepping on dry land and into 2015. 

Our original website has been a wonderful asset for almost ten years. Unfortunately she isn't very mobile friendly and the googles is starting to punish her for it. While the long and arduous process of rebuilding our original site is underway, sites like this are filling the void. You can still check out the original sailing blog and all the old posts. Our NYC Sailing Camp has a new site as well.

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See you on the water and have a great weekend!