Our sails immerse you in both the magnificence of New York City and the magic of nature – your only job is to sit back, relax and enjoy!


  • Private

It is only you, your guests, and our captain and first mate aboard a spacious and comfortable 43' Modern Sailboat. No crowds, plenty of room, perfect for the discerning New Yorker or visitor who prefers to take in NYC on their own terms.


  • Personal

Make the journey your own! Sail whenever and wherever you want, bring your own food, drinks and playlist if you choose. Sunbathe, sight-see, savor the sunset, or stargaze. Practice your sailing skills, or just let the wind take you where it may.


  • Easy

Book online, receive your confirmation, arrive at our dock conveniently located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, and in minutes you are out on the water.


  • Customized

Birthdays, engagements, client entertainment, or just for fun - whatever the occasion, we work with you to provide a unique and memorable experience tailored to fit your occasion.


  • Affordable

We have the lowest charter rates in Manhattan and our prices include everything except for gratuity, which means no extra fees and no surprise charges.


  • Superior

Although we are a boutique, family-run company, we sail more private charters than any other operator in Manhattan. We believe it is our hospitality and our true desire to provide an outstanding, authentic sailing experience to every client that has earned us glowing reviews, numerous return customers, and exceptional press.


A Big Break from the Big Apple!
— NBC News